Saturday, January 31, 2009

Aunt Sherry's Hot Spring Apartment

1/20/09 Taipei is known for its abundant hot springs with therapeutic effects. There are many bath houses in northern part of the City. Lately there are also hot spring residences and hot spring apartments in the suburbs.

Aunt Sherry's hot spring residence is a cute small condo near the coast of Ba-Li District in northern Taipei county (think of the Marina/Fisherman's Wharf District of San Francisco.) She took me there in the afternoon just to show me around.

Ba-Li is a nice little area, on the left bank of Tamsui River, which is the river that goes through Taipei basin. Tamsui River goes into the Taiwan straight right from the area nearing Tamsui and Ba-Li, as such there are some swamp lands right near the river mouth. The mangrove trees are quite pretty to look at, actually. One can see them even just riding on the MRT looking out the window.

I have never been to a hot spring condo, so I didn't know what to expect. WELL, the condo is acutally in a resort hotel-like high rise building. The security guards greeted us and showed us around the building and all its public facilities which is accessible to all residents of the building--includin reading room, gym, hot spring spa, sauna, steam room, entertainment rooms, and so on.

The condo itself is decorated very exquisitely. Aunt Sherry showed me the bathroom. For a small one-bedroom condo (only about 800 SQ FT), the bathroom is certainly beautiful and spacious!! The bathtub is extremely large and the hot water source is local sulpheric hot spring. Quite delux, one might say!!

No one lives here; Aunt Sherry and Uncle William just come here once in a while whenever they need a rest or a little bit of getaway. It certainly is a nice little relaxing spot. Aunt Sherry is thinking of renting it out and I get to manage the rental for her. Anyone interested, please contact me!!

After seeing the place we walked around the complex--the view from the riverbank is serene and gorgeous. From here one can see Tamsui and all the lights twinkling on the river water.

Aunt Sherry and Uncle William kept telling me to come here and use the condo whenever I want. How LUCKY I am!! Now that's Taiwan to me. Everyone is just over the top nice and kind. Thank you Aunt Sherry and Uncle William!! You Da Best!!!

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