Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Economic Stimulus Coupons Are Here!!


The news of the week in Taiwan would be the issuance of the ecnomic stimulus shopping coupons by the Taiwan Government. The coupons are coming and everyone's excited about them. Mom and Dad were eagerly awaiting the notification slip in the mail. The first thing out of everyone's mouth seems to be: "Have you gone to get the coupons yet?" It seems this economy stimulus policy would at least make people happy for a day or two amidst the dismal news one sees each day.
I too was thinking that I made it back just in time to get the coupons. ALAS!! I am not eligible for the coupons due to the fact that I have not "resided" to Taiwan over the last two years. As such my household registration expired and I was not considered a valid resident at my household when the government counted heads for coupon issuance. Boohoo. Nevertheless, I still benefited from the coupons disseminated by the government. How? Well, in the most quintessential Taiwanese way--I was taken to a great meal by Aunt Pauline.
Aunt Sherry, M and I showed up at Aunt Pauline's around 5pm as planned; and we sat around and chit chatted until it was time to go to dinner. Aunt Pauline took us to the Jily (pronounced "jee-lee") Restaurant which has been around in the Pan Chiao district in Taipei County for the last 40 years under the same ownership.
The food at the restaurant is a fusion of tranditional Taiwanese seafood fare with Japanese influence. We tried to order a light and healthy combination of dishes, and were quite successful at it. The meal started with an Asian seafood salad, which was beautifully presented and tangy and refreshing; then we had a brothy tofu dish, a huge piece of grilled Spanish Mackerel, and a drunken chicken cold cut platter; and I also ordered an asparagus and shrimp temaki sushi roll.
Even though we were in our own compartment when eating, one could tell that the entire restaurant is packed and everyone is in this joyous mood. According to Aunt Pauline this has not been the case for a while no matter where you go in Taipei. Well, I'm glad the stimulus coupons put everyone in a good mood, and that I got a great meal out of it even though I didn't get any myself!!


Anonymous said...

You are tempting me to visit the Island of Taiwan. All the food is described so beautifully. - Anna

Sue said...

That's the point!! I want you to come and visit me on the Island of Taiwan!!

Anonymous said...

I need another update on your blog please. - Anna