Thursday, February 5, 2009

Andy's Birthday Celebration

1/23/09 Yesterday was my brother-in-law Andy's birthday. Dad invited us all for a birthday celebration at Restaurant "Izakaya Watami" for dinner.

"Izakaya" (pronounced "eeee-za-ka-yah") is actually a Japanese word rather than a Chinese word. And, rather than a restaurant, an Izakaya is actually the place to enjoy alcoholic beverages while having some light snacks. It is best described as a subdued version of a bar.

Izakaya Watami is a Japanese franchise restaurant. The particular restaurant we went to was on Tun-Hwa South Road, which is one of the main thoroughfares in Taipei.

I haven't seen my pregnant sister Su-Yi much at all since coming back to Taipei. Neither have I seen Andy really, except for the two seconds at the door the other day. This birthday would be Andy's last BD before he becomes a Dad, since Su-Yi is about to pop the baby out anytime now. Thanks to Dad's invite, it's nice to have some time to sit down and enjoy a nice meal and good conversation together. Besides Mom, Dad, Su-Yi, Andy and me, Andy's parents Huang Mama and Huang Papa, as well as my Uncle William and cousin Ella were here at the dinner, too. It's been a while since I've been in the same city with so many relatives. But now I realize it's kind of nice to just call people up, and off you go and there's a party in progress!

Because the business was so good, Restaurant Izakaya Watami not only required reservation, it also required you to leave at a particular time. In other words the reservation gaurantees your seating for a pretty specific block of time. That's something new for me.

We had beautiful sashimi (raw fish) dishes, all kinds of Japanese dishes to go with some fine wine and sake. Everyone had a great time. Andy's parents came with the world's most delicious cheese cake. It really was a great dinner!


Cx2 said...

Oh please, you made me hungry again. It looks sooo yummy and fancy! I have exceedingly fond of cheesecakes. Is there any slice left for me? (I am wondering what are on it. Are there chestnuts and green tea sauce?)

It’s cold and raining in northern California. I am sipping my coffee, looking at your photo of “the world’s most delicious cheesecake” on my PC. I know there is no one offers me a blanket.

Happy birthday, Andy! Enjoy your weekend, Sue!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue,

Just want to let you know that I have really enjoyed reading your blog entries! Great descriptions of all the people and places, and superb photography. When is the "Sue Wun Guide to Taiwan" book going to be published? : )

Hope all is well there. Take care.


Anna said...

Happy Birthday Andy.

Sue - did you make that cake? My bday is in October.

suewun said...

Cx2, you are too kind! BTW do you have a blog? Are you a friend from the Bay Area?

Greg, thanks for reading up. Hope all is well with you and Mrs.!!

Anna, like I said, the cake is brought by Andy's folks. So...comes next Oct? you want a cake or you want booze?