Saturday, February 7, 2009


1/25/09 Like everywhere else in the world, Taiwan is filled to the brim with fast food chains. Of which, McDonald's is the obvious leader of the pack. However, i was surprised to find the fancy version of McDonald here right near where I live.

This morning Friend N and I went to the McCafe to have breakfast. Well, this just might become my new favorite spot.

The MacCafe concept seems only available outside of the United States--at least I've never seen them in the US of A. This McCafe that I visited is converted from a long-standing McDonald which has been here on this corner of the Chung Shang North Road and Chung Cheng Road for at least the last 20 years. Now that it is a McCafe, it's got a more sophisticated exterior, mostly brown, with cafe-style umbrellas and tables outside on the terrace. The interior is bright and spacious; all counter tops made of granite. Tables well made, none wabbly; even the chairs seem quite upscale.
I ordered a latte, and the coffee drink arrived momentarily and just perfect looking. There are pastries and cakes in the display window. And they are pretty delicious looking!
N originally asked if I wanted to go to some other local or Japanese-invested chain cafes--there is the Starbucks, the Dantes, the Ikaris, and the Manabes, as well as various individual cafes. But after trying the McCafe, I may have to look into the McDonald stock...!!


Suling said...

Do they still have play area in this McCafe? Tuntun and meimei used to play there when we visited Taipei.

suewun said...

Yes they do and you can tell because the children are very noisy and you can hear from 1st floor...