Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cafe by the National Park

1/22/09 I have the good fortune of living right near the Yangmingshan National Park, which is located within the City of Taipei, to the northern rim of the Taipei basin. Finally I get to visit again today.

What a beautiful spot this is. Growing up, I have come here so many times to hike, to picnic, and to look at the spring blossoms in season. The family graveyard is also on Mt. Yangmingshan inside of the municipal cemetary. I remember paying annual tribute to Grandpa, Grandma and the never-met great grand parents every year on the day of the Tomb Sweeping Festival.

The Datun Nature Reserve was the perfect place for an excellent and relaxing walk-about. It was misty and damp but green everywhere.

Half way through the afternoon, it was time for coffee. Smack inside of the park there's the winding Jingshan Road lined with secluded cafes. This time I had coffee at Cafe 19. The place looks like a French farm house. Large windows opened up to the beautiful garden featuring a creek and two madly blooming cherry blossom trees by the water. There are seats, sofas, mattresses, everywhere. Curling up on the sofa sipping my coffee, the very handsome owner Wei Wei asked me if I wanted a blanket. !!!! That just made it all perfect for a quiet afternoon in the Yangmingshan National Park.


Cx2 said...

I have never been to Taiwan, I have never even planed, but your blog really makes me feel like visiting Taiwan. This is much more than reading travel books.

By the way, I would love to have a cup of hot chocolate with extra milk at Café 19 on a cold rainy day. It would be so romantic if the very handsome owner Wei Wei offers me a blanket. I hope he is single!

suewun said...

Most unfortunately Wei Wei is not--but you just never know who else is there?! Ha!

Thank you for your kind words about my blog. Hope you do make it to the Island of Taiwan sometime.

Jelena said...

Sue, you have to write a book!

This post was wonderful. I never knew you were so romantic!

Anna said...

How will you ever get back to work w/ the wonderful lifestyle you have going on. Everything you write sounds so divine. Did you get any digits?

suewun said...

Thanks for your kind words, Jelena!

Anna, I can't think about the reality yet; that's just the way we live over here, ok!? I just go around being fabulous all day long. I'm really ok with that...