Friday, January 1, 2010

Afternoon with Jerome

1/2/10--After the lunch my Canadian-Born cousin Jerome who is visiting Taipei for 10 days decided to bestowe me with the honor of taking him around for some fun time hanging out. We headed to Tianmu first. I dropped by Tianmu Sogo to pick up some Beard Papa's cream puffs, to take with us to Mr. Lin's tea house.

At the tea house we devoured the delicious puffs. Mr. and Mrs. Lin who treated me as usual with such wonderful tea also agreed that the cream puffs were delicious, and they go with the tea so well! Jerome and the Lins chatted in Taiwanese which was hilarious for me to's good to see the Lins on the first day of the New Year.

After tea we went up the street and there the handsome carpet dealer Mian stopped me and greeted me happily as we haven't seen each other since my office moved down to nearing the Shih-Lin MRT station. Mian spent many months in London but now he's back in Taipei. He and Ilias were busy rolling the carpets and sorting the inventory so we just briefly said hello and parted ways. Mian said he would take me and V out for dinner. I'm certainly looking forward to that! Dinner invite already on the 2nd of the New Year!

We went on to the Shih-Lin Night Market, where Jerome bought a set of mahjong at my recommendation as presents for Stan and Sara. Then, we went around the night market and had: LARGE FRIED CHICKEN, bitter melon juice, fried fish cake, shredded ice with red bean and pudding topping, sausage stuffed with basil, and pork and cabbage buns. Jerome also bought a scarf and a belt. I helped bargain a little bit successfully. OH! How I love the night market!!!!!

We stopped at Ikari Coffee where I had my first cup of coffee of the day (ha!) before parting ways. Jerome and I knew we had another big meals ahead of us...yet we still ate until we were about to pop. I don't know how I'm going to carry out my rather cliche but necessary new year resolution of losing some more weight...

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