Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cold Weather??

1/5/10--Having been acclimated to the weather in San Francisco and previously Washington DC, I practically never feel cold in Taipei. You see, what is considered a cold front here is around 5 degrees Celcius. That's a bit cold, for sure; but it's not skiing jacket weather. It's very tough to be walking around in what I feel is "weather appropriate attire" for me, in Taipei, in my own opinion. While everyone else is bundled up in heavy clothing, I'm usually perfectly comfortable in short-sleeve t-shirt or just a very thin jacket. However, the hazard of doing so is not so much as to catch a cold, but rather everyone will ask me whether I'm cold, why I'm not cold, how come I don't want to put on a coat...I ended up having to answer these questions many times, to the point of reaching irrability boiling point!

So the strategy I have developed is as follows:

To the question: "Sue, how come you're not cold?" My answer is: "Fine! Thank you!!"
To the question: "How come you're wearing so little?" My answer is: "Fine! Thank you!!"
To the question: "Aren't you cold?" My answer is: "Fine! Thank you!!"
To the question: "PUT ON A COAT!" My answer is: "OK! Thank you!" and proceed to walk away.

So far so good! It works just fine! And everyone is happy!

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