Saturday, January 16, 2010

Taipei the City of Cultural Activities, WOW

1/16/10 -- Today I went with Friend S to the Huashan 1914 Creative Park, to visit with Mr. Chang Yun-Ming, an artist who is holding his oil painting exhibit that opened today.

This was my first time visiting the Huashan Creative Park. I was curious to see such a historic-looking complex with chic restaurants, exhibits, boutiques and artifacts booths all in one place. On a Saturday night the crowd seemed happy and at leisure. Music flowed from the stage with the band playing. The aroma of popcorn and pizza from nearby eateries filled the air.

We found the building where the exhibit was held. This lovely complex used to be the Taipei Huashan Wine Factory, which was part of the government monopolized alcohol and tobacco bureau. The gallery we were headed to was the fruit wine distillery.

Mr. Chang's lovely daughter was sitting with a group of cheerful visitors who came to the opening of the exhibit today. She greeted S and myself and we three sat and chatted for a long while. Mr. Chang later joined us and we had a nice time chatting about his work, his creative process, and the life of an artist.

Mr. Chang is apparently very prolific. The works exhibited numbered about 40, and they are all very different, yet all very charming. Some are realistic, others are abstract. Yet some others are impressionistic. I saw a few that were quite Fauvist-like and several that remind me of Paul Klee in their humorous composition.

This was certainly a very pleasant surprise as I had not expected to find such a cute corner in Taipei.

While online just now, Friend Y told me about the Taipei Film House. I checked out the website. Turned out this is the former American Embassy in Taipei! It is now a movie theater that plays artsy and indie films. I am going to go check it out soon.

Nice to know there are such impressive cultural venues in my city.

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