Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sherlock Holmes

1/3/10: I do like going to a movie from time to time. But all that everyone wants to see these days are the disaster movies (2010) and sci-fi (Avator) and the one I really had my eyes on was Sherlock Holmes. Well, after asking around for an entire week, finally I found Friend K who would go with me!!

We started w/ hotpot in Shihlin, then the quintessential girly thing to do in Taipei--hair wash, neck+shoulder massage and styling. After that, we ventured out to Tianmu where we headed for the Shingkong Mitsukoshi Department Store. The great thing about this department store is that it is conveniently located and it's got a 13-screen cineplex right in the building.

We got our seats, got the coffee from the *$ across the street, and enjoyed the next two hours of mindless entertainment. The best thing about going to a movie is that one can lose oneself in the story completely and resurface in the real world with a bit more imagination and some pretty neat new ideas. I would love going to movies more if I had the time...especially in Taipei there're so many more theaters that play movies from around the world, rather than just Hollywood productions. Well, that said, today we did go to a Hollywood production.

Sherlock Holmes was a good movie with enough suspence to keep me at my toes throughout. The cast did a good job and I have always liked reading Sherlock Holmes and the setting of 19th century London. It was certainly a good 2 hours of fun.

The next movie I want to go see would be the Japanese animation of "Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva", which should be playing at the same Miramar theater in Tianmu soon. So glad all these movie theaters are so close to me now!


Sabby said...

Jim and I just went see this movie yesterday! It is a good movie!

suewun said...

Yes indeed!!So we saw it on the same day then!

Sabby said...

Yeah, on my birthday!